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Which side of the pad is up?

The side of the pad with the channel stitching faces your body.  The label side goes against your underwear.

How long do these pads last?

At least 3-5 years, possibly longer, depending how often they are used and washed.

Do the pads shift around?

All pads should be worn with snug-fitting underwear (preferably cotton) for a proper fit.  Pads with wings sit in the natural curve of your underwear.  If you are experiencing shifting with a winged pad, it is likely trying to shift back to the centre of the underwear gusset.  This happens when you wear a pad towards the front or back.  Try a longer pad, or one with offset wings to get coverage in the right spot.   With wingless pads, the friction between the pad and underwear is usually enough to keep the pad in place (again: snug underwear!).  The only time you should need to re-adjust is when you go to the washroom...and hold the end of the liner to avoid it falling in the toilet :)

What size pads should I buy?

I recommend starting out with a pad the same length or a little longer than you'd use in a disposable product.

How many pads do I need?

It depends on several factors; how often you do laundry, how often you change your pad, length of your cycle, etc.  I recommend starting with a small selection of different sizes and absorbencies, and build your collection as you learn what works.

How do I wash them?  Isn't it gross?

It's easier than you might think.  Soak used pads until you're ready to wash them, changing the water daily (or go the lazy route: fold up and forget about them until laundry day - they stain more though).  Then hand- or machine-wash alone or with your other laundry.  Pads can be line or machine dried.  Detailed care instructions are included with your first order.

Aren't they expensive?

There is definitely an initial investment with cloth pads.  However since they last several years, you do save money in the long run compared with buying disposable pads.  Not to mention the savings to the landfills!

What kind of snaps do you use?

KAM brand polyacetal resin snaps, applied with an industrial press.

What fabric is best for sensitive skin?

I recommend cotton or hemp pads, as these fabrics are most breathable.  If you'd like pads without waterproofing, please get in touch!

So many fabrics to choose!

In general, natural fibre fabrics (cotton, hemp, bamboo) are more breathable than synthetics (suedecloth, microfleece).  Below is a little further info:

Quilting Cotton - cool & breathable, thin

Cotton Flannel - soft, breathable, thin

Organic Hemp Fleece - soft, breathable, wicking, absorbs quickly

Organic Bamboo Fleece - very soft, wicking, absorbs quickly

Cotton Velour - soft, breathable, wicking, absorbs quickly

Suedecloth - soft, wicking, anti-pill, stain resistant

Microfleece/Polyester Fleece - soft, wicking, stain resistant

Do you take custom orders?

Yes, if I can accommodate your request.  Please get in touch if you're unable to find what you need in my shop.

Do you smoke?  Any pets in the house?

All items are sewn in my clean, non-smoking home.  We enjoy the company of a rabbit (who does not spend time in my sewing area), hamster, and fish.

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